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A message from our secretary

Dear all,

Having spoken to a couple of our Association’s officers, I think the time has regrettably come to cancel any idea of our being able to run our various summer leagues, be they rifle, LSR or pistol.  We still have to finalise the end of some of the winter leagues, hold the finals of our individual championships and also the rifle and airgun meetings.  However, until we can open all clubs, including those who use sports centres and village halls, we can’t consider running any of our summer leagues this year.  This is a great pity as some of the leagues have already been organised.

Please let your members know that we do hope to finalise the 2019/20 winter leagues, hold finals days for rifle, LSR and pistol and also hold the rifle and airgun meetings in due course.  Hopefully, we will also be able to hold our annual dinner in October so that we can present the trophies etc and have an enjoyable evening together.

To all club secretaries and committee members I will rely on you to forward this information to your members.  I’m also sending it to the individuals who sent in cheques on behalf of their club for whom I have e-mail addresses.

I will, of course, be in touch regarding next winter’s entries in due course and if anyone has any queries, do please get in touch.

Kind regards.


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